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Constance Titterton

Fun lovin’ gal lookin’ for some nookin’. M/F/whatever, age likewise, DTF, NSA. Bscly anything IRL is chill.[1]



[1] IRL’s not negotiable. Call me old fashioned but I’m into tangibility. My bed, your car, public toilets, don’t care, just has to be somewhere on a map that other people could print. I want my lips to whisper in your ears so we get a thrill, a moment of our separate selves feeling close enough to be zippered together. But on a screen sometimes you don’t reply, and then I feel like I’m talking to myself, which makes you too close to me, so close that there’s nothing to zipper, no separation, no distance even, just the background noise of the space of the screen, disintegrating entropic collapse.