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Cat Cafe: Opening in Sydney this July

Ruthy Scheinberg brings you the announcement you’ve been waiting fur.

Ruthy Scheinberg brings you the announcement you’ve been waiting fur.

Struggling with the existential crisis that arises from being just a mere dot in the massive universe? Love cats and coffee?

The soon-to-be space themed cat café opening in the suburbs of Sydney is your safe haven. Opening in July, ‘Catmosphere’ boasts an array of drinks and food, along with the option of purry cuddles from res- ident cats. The café will draw inspiration from their Chiang Mai counterparts and have a crew of catstronaughts available for playing, cuddling and Instagramming.

To give us a taste of what’s to come, the founders of the Sydney Cat Café set up a pop-up kitten café in Paddington last week, complete with adoptable kittens if you feel the urge to take one home with you. It seems that Sydney’s love of kittens was too overwhelming as the event was booked out weeks in advance—a clue as to how competitive bookings will be once Catmosphere opens its doors.

Although the kitten café offered the op- tion to adopt, the permanent Catmosphere establishment will not. The cats who will take up permanent residency are friendly, loveable strays, collected from nearby or local rescue groups and rotating in shifts in the café. These kitties would otherwise have to live on the streets and battle the elements (plus other, bigger animals) or alternatively live at shelters and possibly face euthanisation. Their new home in- side the cat café will bring them as much happiness as petting them will bring you!

To keep in line with health and safety reg- ulations, the food and drinks will be served in a separate room from the interactive kitty space, which, in reality is probably a good thing—I love my cat, but cat hair in my food is definitely a downside of his cuddly nature. Plus, have you seen those videos of cats slapping mugs off tables?!

The crowd funding effort to open Cats- mosphere was extremely successful, with some pledging up to $1000 for the privi- lege of naming a space kitty. Bookings are now open at their website, with pric- es ranging from $20 to $200 (if you’re ready for a party with 10 people and cats).

Get ready for some great space adventures with space cats, and probably some great coffee too. Catmosphere opens in July on Foveaux Street, Surry Hills.

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