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Honi Does Sydney Writers’ Festival- Co-conspirators: Margaret Pomeranz and Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz

Eliza Bicego checks in on what Margaret Pomeranz is up to in her post ‘At the Movies’ life.

Margret Pomeranz, from At the Movies fame, has proven there is a life after the credits roll. Together with her daughter-in-law, Phillipa Pomeranz, she’s embarked on a new adventure.

When Margret and Phillipa spoke together on Thursday at the 2015 Sydney Writers’ Festival, the ease of their relationship was obvious and heart-warming, and this translates to their new venture into writing. As Margret said about their relationship, “Boys are a bit boring after a while, and I did always want a daughter.”

Let’s Eat, which they wrote and created together, is an intimately personal cookbook filled with beautiful family photos, personal favourite recipes (apparently the sticky chicken is to die for) and fantastic stories of family, movie stars and directors.

One story, shared during the intimate gathering of the Sydney Writer’s Festival, which involved Margret drunkenly knocking on David’s door at 3am, stripping off and falling asleep on his spare bed at the Cannes Film Festival, had the audience in hysterics.

These two women are going from strength to strength. Margret is soon to launch the new Foxtel Arts channel, and Phillipa is figure-heading a new docu-drama about Australian fashion bloggers.

Margret’s vivacity made the seminar a delight, and Phillipa is obviously a very talented and successful woman, and their fantastic relationship relates to their new cookbook and provides a beautiful sneak-peek into their personal lives.

Watch this space for new things to come from these great women.