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Entire Generation Vows to Steal Alan Jones

Oliver Moore is a voice of their generation.

Oliver Moore is a voice of their generation.

Today a spokesperson for the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) announced they would be updating their goals for the year to include stealing shock jock Alan Jones as soon as possible.

This move, whilst controversial, has been touted as being “for the good of a Australia,”. with the organisation seeking to represent the interests, rights and issues related to youth on both a national and international level.

“His poisonous views have too long been allowed on air,” said the spokesperson, “as no-one has taken steps to remove him from our airwaves, we have taken it upon ourselves to rectify this unacceptable state of affairs.” Another coalition member added that ‘his removal will be for Jones’ own benefit.’

This sentiment has been widely lauded by other youth organisations. It has also drawn the support of a number of Indigenous organisations, including the National Congress of Australia’s First People and the Redfern Tent Embassy, who have long objected to Jones’ racist comments.

The spokesperson ended with a rather ominous message: “Andrew Bolt, we’re coming for you next.”