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Jacob Henegan and Victoria Zerbst wrote a list of the best new apps

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Carbr: Like uber, but for cars! A hot new transport app that lets people connect with cars in their area for casual drives.

Blndr: Like tinder, but for kitchen appliances! A non-committal appliance lending app, where participants upload recipe idea or spare appliances, and swipe right the ones they like.

Shatalk: Like shazam, but for accents! Simply record any person speaking and have their accent identified within seconds. Racial profiling has never been more accurate.

CoiledIn: Like LinkedIn, but for funerals! Frankly, the slogan says it all.

Snapchat: Like Snapchat, but for dicks!

The 2017 SRC logo with Krispy Kreme's around it.


The case for a low SES officer

There is one marginalised group lacking representation on the Student Representative Council.