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Phantom Trans Resents Day Of Visibility

Peter Walsh and Andy Zephyr conduct interviews by Ouija board

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The Association of Spectral, Invisible, and Phantom LGBTQIA* People (SIP*) criticised today’s Day of Visibility for failing to account for ghostly non-binary and trans people.

“It’s just another way liminal folk such as myself are disenfranchised”, said a 17th century spectre located in a purgatorial space between life and afterlife.

The relationship between corporeal and non-corporeal individuals in the trans community has been complicated by their sometimes-competing aims. One side still struggles for public recognition, the other is invisible. One group deals with the daily struggle to pass as their gender, while the other just pass straight through everything.

Genderless Spooky Bathrooms, however, remain a common cause, and both groups united last year over Hollywood’s continued use of CGI instead of casting ethereal trans actors, most recently for the part of Slimer in Ghostbusters. However, non-corporeal identities continue to be whitewashed, most notably in the Snapchat logo.

Still, SIP*’s criticism of the Day of Visibility drew the ire of many, with one blogger noting: “Invisible Trans people have every other day of the year, can’t we have just one?”

While currently still a niche interest group within the broader LGBTQIA* community, skyrocketing murder rates in the trans community suggest SIP* will represent a majority by next year.