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The Qursor Quiz: Iceberg or Cos Lettuce?

Which one are you? Take this quiz by the leafy and occasionally crisp Emma Balfour.

1. What sound gives you a chilling shiver?

(a) A crunch

(b) A slurp

2. What is the horror that burns in your eyes?

(a) The ground, it is silent

(b) The sky, it is loud

3. What is the worst part of agony?

(a) When it begins

(b) The eightieth hour of it

4. How do you sleep at night?

(a) I do not, for I do not trust the darkness

(b) I wish I could not dream, it would be such peace

MOSTLY A: You are COS LETTUCE! You are great with most salads, especially Greek style, and brighten up any plate!

MOSTLY B: You are ICEBERG LETTUCE! Crunchy, pleasant, and pale green, you are a great addition to a Caesar salad, and make for a fine BLT.

MOSTLY C: Ooh, BOK CHOY, surprise entry. You add a creamy texture to any stir fry or pho – keep doing you, buddy, don’t let kale get you down.