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Births, Deaths and Marriages – Semester One, Week Twelve

A Bahamas Righted Nerd Stirs

A Bahamas Righted Nerd Stirs

Wet and wild and fucked up

On May 18 St Andrew’s College held their annual Bachelors and Spinsters’ Ball (B&S), where eastern suburbs city kids spend the night partying like they’re in the country.

Sources allege the B&S featured hay, R M Williams and a wet t-shirt competition. But don’t judge guys, Honi Soit Facebook comments tell us the colleges don’t have a problem with sexual objectification and cultural misogyny.


Remember BULL magazine, the USU’s monthly, hardcopy advertorial rag of yesteryear? No, neither do we. But we did have access to its Twitter account until one shitpost too many last week led the USU to delete it.

During election day, we tweeted: “The ghost of BULL magazine endorses democracy. Go vote at #usudecides. Long live print media.” A day later, the account was gone. Fuckers.

We’ll Kemiss you

Megan Kemmis, the Executive Officer to Academic Board, announced her resignation last week after working at USyd for 14 years. During this time, Megan has been instrumental in giving a voice to students across University committees and boards. In the last meeting of Academic Board she was met with a standing ovation, and representatives from SUPRA gave her a letter of thanks. “Endlessly helpful approachable and candid with our student representatives; providing a deep and thorough insider’s knowledge of the University and its many institutions,” they wrote. We’ll miss you Megan. The students of Macquarie University are lucky to have you.

USU voting by the numbers

Esther Shim is the fifth person in five years to get on Board after a failed Honi run the semester before. She follows in the footsteps of Hannah Morris (‘12), Tara Waniganayaka (‘13), Ed McMahon (‘14) and Shannen Potter (‘15). Both managers of last year’s Honi tickets (Grace Franki for SCOOP, Vanessa Song for STRIP) were elected.

Four of the top five performers in our Honi candidates quiz were elected. Only Koko Kong (who didn’t attempt the quiz, but was elected first) and Cam Hawkins (3rd in quiz, 8th in election) bucked the trend.

For the first time since 2012 an NLS candidate didn’t get up (they chose not to run one in 2012, and this year Sam Kwon finished in 7th).

Much has been made of Grace’s canny, potentially election-winning preference deal, but spare a thought for James Gibson, whose deal failed as much as Grace’s worked. James (the next closest candidate to Grace) struck a preference deal with his Labor stablemates Vanessa Song and Sam Kwon. Yet when Sam was eliminated, more of his votes flowed to independent Esther Shim than to poor James, who ended up losing by only 11 votes. Ouch.