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New Meme Enters Third Week Of Everyone Pretending To Know Why It’s Funny

Naaman Zhou does not get it

The recent emergence of a particularly inscrutable meme has left internet shitposters scrambling to mask their fundamental bewilderment over its core premise, as its popularity shows no signs of abating.

Dat Boi, a shareable image of a green frog on a unicycle, has been described by analysts as the meme with “the least logical backing” of the early 2016 quarter. The slowly travelling toad has left meme-curators wondering how to survive such a lean, off-peak meme season.

When asked, third year Agriculture student Morris Spont described the meme as “pretty fresh” but insisted it was something he was familiar with and definitely understood from first principles.

Dat Boi told The Cursor he was baffled by his own virality.

“I’m sick of being stopped when upon my company unicycle,” he said. Mr Boi claims to use the vehicle to head in and out of the city, where he works as an actuarial assistant.

“Is there something funny about my choice of automobile?” asked the poorly rendered three-dimensional frog. “After the divorce and the forced redundancy, one wheel is pretty much all I can afford. I’m not proud.”

Dat Boi is also recovering from the recent death of his teenage son in a lilypad accident, so “hasn’t really been laughing at a lot of jokes at the moment”.

Undergraduate Computer Science student, Hamish Tym, has been unimpressed with the frog’s antics. “Honestly even for memes this one doesn’t make much sense.”

“Usually there’s a grain of context or something behind them, but this just exists because people wanted a meme.”