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Top 3 Correctional Facilities That You MUST Visit Before You DIE!

Turns out Annabel Cameron doesn’t know that many prisons.

Turns out Annabel Cameron doesn’t know that many prisons.

1) Guantanamo Bay

Of course I know you were all expecting this one, you’ve all heard about it before, and believe me, it lives up to expectations!

With seaside views, top-notch security and plenty of helpful staff, this correctional facility is a must. Also, there’s plenty of activities to keep kids occupied, so you can have some well earned me-time!

2) Mordovia Gulag

Now, here’s something to put in your 5-year plan. This is an exotic, highly exclusive facility in Russia. While it may get a little chilly (remember to pack a jacket!), you’ll never be bored with over 20,000 other inmates to chat with!

And hey, while you’re there, you might even learn a bit of the ‘lingua franca’! There’s nothing like going home and surprising the family that you can say “shiv” in Russian.

3) Silverwater Women’s Correctional Facility

This max-security facility is right on our doorstep here in NSW! Just goes to show you that you don’t necessarily have to travel to a different country to visit a great correctional facility. Come here for a short 6 month stay with the gals, and get away from those husbands for a bit! Girl power!