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Follow updates live for the final SRC meeting of semester when the budget for the organisation is due to be handed down.

Honi Soit June 1, 20168:17 pm

I lapsed there a bit, but the main business of council ended a while ago. We’re now closed at 8:17pm.

Good night
Honi Soit June 1, 20168:06 pm

Debate is now surrounding a solidarity motion with Roz Ward and the Safe Schools program.

Many councillors speak in support of and to the importance of the program itself, which has seen sustained attacks from the right-wing media and right-wing politicians over the past couple of months.
The motion is seconded and passed.
Honi Soit June 1, 20167:54 pm

The meeting has devolved a bit. Everyone is talking about ordering pizza.

Honi Soit June 1, 20167:46 pm

In other news, Michael Rees is the new USU President after he was elected uncontested earlier tonight. Full story here.

Honi Soit June 1, 20167:38 pm

Sexual Harassment Officer Olivia Borgese is giving her report now to council.

She says Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence, as reported in Honi, was not aware of the student reporting process for sexual assault and harassment at a screening of ‘The Hunting Ground’. She points out the current reporting process is the same for reporting plagiarism.
Michelle Piccone congratulates Borgese’s work, and points out it’s been getting good media coverage.
Liam Carrigan says sexual assault on campuses is the “most successful campaign in the student movement at the moment”. He says NUS women’s officer Heidi La Paglia is doing a good job.
“The Wesley protest recently was one of the most powerful and best protests I’ve been to,” Carrigan says.
Honi Soit June 1, 20167:32 pm
We’re now talking about the role student unions and associations have in campaigning in federal elections. Liam Carrigan says it’s a “complicated” debate.
Dylan Griffiths says any student is welcome to join him in their spare time to doorknock for the Greens candidate in the seat of Sydney.

Justine Amin and Alex Fitton (Labor and Liberal respectively) rib that there’s no sense campaigning for a Greens candidate in the historically safe Labor seat.

Honi Soit June 1, 20167:22 pm

Chair of Standing Legal, Cameron Caccamo, says Office Bearers need to be better at submitting reports to Honi each week. OB reports are an important accountability mechanism for elected officers of the SRC and also the main point of engagement between OBs and the wider Honi readership.

Georgia Mantle says the spreadsheet is available and OBs should take responsibility to contact the editors if they can’t submit their report from week to week.
For those reading this, please submit your reports, or at least let us know if you can’t.
Honi Soit June 1, 20167:17 pm

Alex Fitton asks if the NSW Liberal Party will be receiving funding from the SRC this year as they did last year.

He asks the council congratulate both Co-General Secretaries on a budget that embraces the principles of “fiscal conservatism”, to laughter.

Fitton’s comment is in reference to last year when an activist bought a ticket to a NSW Liberal event to stage a protest action.
Honi Soit June 1, 20167:12 pm

Michael Elliot asks Georgia Mantle why the environment department got the second highest amount of funding of any SRC department.

“I’m just wondering what the justification is behind that when there are other departments and collectives who received substantially less,” he asks.
Co-General Secretary Lachlan Ward says “they’re the most active department” to some dissent among councillors.
Dylan Griffiths says Enviro Collective is very active and strong collective. He says they do a great job with many activities like a recent nuclear forum to community garden, road trips for activists etc.
Liam Carrigan shouts “hear, hear”.
Honi Soit June 1, 20167:03 pm

Georgia Mantle says $9,000 of income came in from this venerable publication Honi Soit through advertising, however it’s dropping.

She says she’s been in touch with the publication managers, Mickie and Amanda, on how this can be increased.
Honi Soit June 1, 20166:59 pm

Co-General Secretary Georgia Mantle says the SRC did not get as much SSAF money as requested, which had an impact on the budget.

Notable mentions:

– $17,000 has been retrospectively budgeted for soundproofing in caseworker and legal staff offices to protect their privacy.

– Increase in funding for SRC legal service to reflect rising demands. Thomas McLoughlin, principal solicitor, will now be working full-time. Mantle notes increased demand has meant he has already effectively been working full-time by coming in on days off and so forth.
– $10,000 has been put up (in conjunction with SUPRA and USU) for the NUS Education Conference, a national conference that will be hosted at USyd, with delegates flying in from around the country.
– NUS affiliation funds will not change from last year. “We are committed to continuing to fund that union,” says Mantle.
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Honi Soit June 1, 20166:50 pm

Paulene Graham has been rehired as Returning Officer again for 2016, apparently as the only applicant for the role. She will be paid more this year in accordance with a motion passed last meeting.

Honi Soit June 1, 20166:46 pm

Smattering of laughter as yet again, nobody has heard anything from undergraduate Senate fellow, Dalton Fogarty. It’s unclear if he’s done anything useful for students so far, but his replacement will be elected towards the end of this year.

“We welcome the end of his term” heard from the floor.
Honi Soit June 1, 20166:43 pm

At 6:39pm, we have quorum. We’re away!

Dimitry Palmer, Ilya Klauzner, Chris Warren, David Hogan, Lorena White, Siobhan Ryan, Jenna Schroeder, Tina Huang have all nominated proxies tonight.
Honi Soit June 1, 20166:38 pm

Welcome back to the SRC live blog. Tonight is a big night as far as USyd student politics go, with both the USU’s executive ballot happening in one part of campus, and an SRC meeting happening at another.

Tonight we’ll be live blogging the SRC meeting. Tweet us @honi_soit with questions as always.