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Births, Deaths & Marriages: Semester 2, Week 5

Honi soit qui mal y pense

The Births, Deaths and Marriages Child The tears of the baby are the tears of the world.


Stupol Twitter is a weird, weird place. The latest entrant to the landscape is an account that began its life as @refreshhonisoit.

On August 6, the account sent out a series of tweets criticising our paper. “We should not elect editors in #usydvotes that continue @scoop4honi’s tradition on focusing on @honi_soit’s 500-strong narrow audience,” one read.

However, the account rebranded after the names of the three tickets in the Honi Soit race were revealed, taking the name of one of the tickets: SIN for Honi.

Like its predecessor, the @sinforhoni account – which, SIN have told us, is not owned or operated by their campaign – lists college darling Honi Soit parody blog, Honey Soy, as its website.

We contacted the Honey Soy Facebook page to see if they were in any way affiliated. They ultimately didn’t answer our question (although they did call your correspondent a “chill chick”). But within hours of us sending our comment request all of the material on the @sinforhoni Twitter account was removed and replaced with miscellaneous US politics takes, and some quotes from our report on the new Honi tickets.

In related news, we have also started receiving emails from a sinforhoni email account, accusing us of “want[ing] SIN or WET to win” and showing a bias against TIME. Some PG-rated hacking we performed on the @sinforhoni Twitter account suggests the two are being operated by the same person.


For those who may be concerned about bias in our reportage, we have provided a list of editors who are conflicting off coverage to be involved in campaigns below. Editors conflicting off for SRC or Honi elections will not be allowed to report on either, editors conflicting off for senate campaigns will not be involved in our coverage of that election. The remaining editors hate everyone equally.

Natalie “I love campaigning” Buckett – Georgia for President, WET for Honi, Alexi for Senate

Max Hall – Alexi for Senate

Tom Joyner – WET for Honi, Alexi for Senate

Sam Langford – Alexi for Senate

Victoria Zerbst – WET for Honi


On the Honi race, while writing our wrap of those contesting election on Wednesday (see below for the names), we revealed “SLS member” Michelle Picone as a member of the TIME for Honi ticket. Some have asked why we did not describe Picone as one of the SRC’s six Directors of Student Publications, and the answer is simple: Picone is yet to act as DSP.

The main role of the SRC DSPs is reading the paper every Monday morning (on a rotating roster) to check for defamatory material. Picone has never attended a shift.

When we contacted Picone this week to ask why she had failed to attend, she informed us she was studying law full-time and working two jobs to pay rent. When asked why she had skipped her shifts last semester to attend a recorded Arts lecture, she said she did not have time to listen to the recording. When asked why she hadn’t resigned from a job she could not perform, Picone said she “wished to perform the role if the editorial team were willing to organise an alternative arrangement”.

When asked if she knew the DSP role would involve a consistent Monday 9am shift, as there is no other time one can view a paper finished in the early hours of Monday morning and sent to print at midday, Picone informed us she had resigned.

“Hopefully if I’m elected as an Honi editor for next year I will try to be more accommodating to DSPs who have work commitments and financial difficulties,” she said.


You’ve missed your chance to take over USyd’s least employable faculty. (Editors’ note: Arts only recently claimed this mantle after being forced to eat SCA by management.) Acting Dean Professor Barbara Caine, a historian of the biography who took over from political philosopher Professor Duncan Ivison in July last year, will soon be replaced.

Applications for the position closed in June and we should know the lucky winner of ~three faculties for the price of one~ after interviews are completed in September.


The poem that begins the Facebook event description for this year’s Law Ball is reproduced below, without permission and without comment:

An evening of mystery awaits you all

You are warmly invited to this year’s Law Ball

Journey back to the time of ‘film noir’

On the red carpet, you’ll feel like a star

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