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Elections 2016 Live Blog

Hundreds of hacks will contest four simultaneous elections on Wednesday and Thursday. Follow the carnage live.

Early Gadigal mornings on Wednesday September 1 as voting kicks off. Early Gadigal mornings on Wednesday September 1 as voting kicks off.
Honi Soit September 21, 20169:27 am
Welcome to Student Politics Christmas™ – we’re Honi, your grouchy uncle sitting in the corner reminding the youth that sometimes they really don’t deserve their presents.

Here’s what to expect: Bad weather, lots of aggression from increasingly frustrated campaigners and a whole lot of drama.

We’ll be here all the way through to the announcement of results on Thursday night to cut through the bullshit, give a little context and keep everyone with the good fortune of a day off up to date.

Tweet @honi_soit or message our facebook page with your takes or question. All inboxes are open for business. usydvotes is the hashtag.

Honi Soit September 21, 20169:57 am

Complaints about the conduct of campaigners are coming in thick and fast according to Electoral Officer Paulene Graham. Graham is responsible for facilitating the entirety of the four elections being conducted today and tomorrow, and has the enviable task of adjudicating the conflict between warring factions.

So far today there have been accusations of misinformation, intimidation and campaigners outright blocking each other in the pursuit of potential voters. One campaigner described the contest as becoming “more and more vicious”.
It’s not quite 10am.
Honi Soit September 21, 201610:18 am

Sin for Honi member Bonan Xia, and Sin campaign manager Adam Ursino are currently meeting with the Electoral Officer in the SRC officers. Honi understands the Xia has been accused of campaigning in languages other than english over recent days. This was prohibited years ago because campaigners would regularly lie about others campaigners to international students in an effort to win their votes.

Sources suggested yesterday that penalties (which often take the form of tickets being prohibited from campaigning for a number of hours) are in the offing for a number of groups.
Honi Soit September 21, 201610:26 am

Bonan Xia, a member of Sin for Honi, has been excluded from the election for an hour after campaigning in a language other than English. This penalty is relatively small compared to those of the past. A quick look at Paulene’s common law of the last few years yields Electoral Officer v Tim Sullivan (EVIL for Honi), and Electoral Officer v Scoop for Honi.

In the former decision, Sullivan was sentenced to two hours off campaigning in response to one reported breach. The latter sentence was even more severe, resulting in the entire Scoop for Honi campaign (ah the glory days {disclaimer: that was us}) excluded for two hours.
Honi Soit September 21, 201610:39 am


Wet for Honi ticket member Michael Sun has just been overheard gently teaching a potential voter: “everyone tells me Michael, Honi is boring, it looks bad”.
Verdict: Wrong.
Honi Soit September 21, 201610:45 am

A light Socialist Alternative vs. Labor spat has flared up at fisher. Almost certainly an insignificant proxy war in longer running campus tensions, but still, uh, silly.

Meanwhile, Justine Amin Student Unity (Labor Right, Stand Up) has been tasked with shadowing Power/Grassroots candidate for President, Georgia Mantle to contest each of her votes and psych her out of the election. This tactic of having assigned “shadows” or “tails” for senior campaigners of opposing tickets has been used to disturbing effect in previous years. Amin has apparently been following Mantle to the bathroom.
Honi Soit September 21, 201610:50 am


(It’s going to rain.)
The inestimable tells us the skies will open and their tears shall pour forth this afternoon. More accurately: “Cloudy. Very high (90%) chance of rain in the late morning and afternoon, clearing in the evening. Winds northerly 15 to 20 km/h becoming light in the early afternoon then becoming northwesterly 15 to 20 km/h in the late evening.”
Tomorrow’s looking a little nicer: Max 21ºC and a 40% chance of a little rain.
It’s a bit of an SRC tradition that rain affects proceedings. In 2014 a day-two deluge wiped hundreds of potential votes off the tally.
Honi Soit September 21, 201610:56 am

Fun on the Fisher front

Aside from the occasional socialist v tepid liberalist conflict, the Fisher library booth has had a slow morning. Time is dominating the Honi campaigner numbers and Stand Up appears to have the edge on SRC.
We’re hearing similar things re peace and quiet at Jane Foss Russell and Manning. Take your recess kids, it’s lunch time soon enough.
Honi Soit September 21, 201611:02 am
Well, ah, this might just break those no bribery regulations:
Overheard, taken as feedback:
[Time campaigner re Honi] “It’s all one particular brand of social justice outrage.”
[Campaignee, nodding vigorously] “I know, it’s disgusting.”
Honi Soit September 21, 201611:09 am

Early Morning Drama

Time for Honi member Bianca Farmakis was left in tears this morning over Sin for Honi’s suggestion that Time for Honi would refrain from reporting on sexual assault in 2017.

Michelle Picone of Time for Honi said “We find it disgusting that campaigners from SIN have been making defamatory statements that we won’t report on sexual assault. This has been a very close issue to ticket heads on TIME campaign. It’s personally distressing; we have someone crying right now.”

Honi Soit September 21, 201611:20 am
Bonan Xia, the Sin for Honi member given an hour on the bench for campaigning in Chinese, has taken to Facebook to lament the regulation:

Honi Soit September 21, 201612:05 pm

And here’s one from earlier…

Honi Soit September 21, 201612:10 pm

Rain to mark the beginning of many a new reign!

Honi Soit September 21, 201612:20 pm

Roughly 350 votes cast so far today at JFR polling booth. To contextualise, in 2014, 900 votes were cast at JFR on Day 1 of polling (4300 votes across all booths, over the election period), and in 2015, 650 were cast at JFR on Day 1 (3200 all up).

Honi Soit September 21, 201612:25 pm

TIME for Honi’s JP Asimakis details his team’s laconic rain contingency: “Stay dry.”

Honi Soit September 21, 201612:30 pm

First droplets of rain reported at Manning. Natural phenomenon or pathetic fallacy?

Honi Soit September 21, 201612:37 pm

Deft use of the marker at JFR

Honi Soit September 21, 201612:54 pm

Substantial queue at Manning booth, reports suggest most are turning out for TIME

Honi Soit September 21, 201612:58 pm

Latest Fisher count: 300 votes. 414 were cast on Day 1 in 2015, 755 in 2014

Honi Soit September 21, 20161:11 pm

Regs breach? Power cross-promoting SIN for HONI in text message callout –

Honi Soit September 21, 20161:49 pm

Cumbo election officers put votes there at 40-50.

Honi Soit September 21, 20161:53 pm

Cumbo election officers put votes there at 40-50.

Honi Soit September 21, 20161:56 pm

Stupol veteran Cameron Caccamo interview earlier today by the makers of an upcoming production on USyd stupol life!

Honi Soit September 21, 20162:01 pm

General sentiment at Cumbo is that campaigning there is more civilised – “Everyone is nice”, says Wet for Honi’s Jayce Carrano

Honi Soit September 21, 20162:23 pm

A collection of updates:

– Fisher has cracked 400 votes, with just under two hours of polling today to go. If this is representative of other booths, it’s a suggestion that turnout this year is higher than 2015 (which saw 414 votes at Fisher on the first day of polling)

– there’s a crew filming a doco out and about, last seen at JFR. If you want the mistakes of your stupol days immortalised on camera, you know where to go.

Honi Soit September 21, 20162:42 pm

There is apparently a swarm of bees on a pole on Eastern Ave. Stay safe kids.

Honi Soit September 21, 20162:44 pm

There is apparently a swarm of bees on a pole on Eastern Ave. Stay safe kids.

Honi Soit September 21, 20162:59 pm

Correction: we reported earlier that there had been 40-50 votes at Cumbo. This figure was apparently actually for the SRC ticket “Team Cumbo” – last we’ve heard, total votes at Cumbo were around 130

Honi Soit September 21, 20163:09 pm

Riveting update for those following the bee story (see two posts below) – this isn’t the first time hacks and bees have swarmed simultaneously. A twitter advanced search for overlap of the terms “bees” and “usydvotes” reveals that in 2014, bees were also present on campus during elections. The more you know.

Honi Soit September 21, 20163:23 pm

~~Booth updates!~~

Fisher has hit 500 votes (as of 3pm). For comparison, first day stats for Fisher in 2015 and 2014 respectively were 414 and 755.

JFR hit 600 votes around 2:45pm. To compare this to previous years, JFR saw 650 votes on Day 1 last year, and 900 votes on Day 1 in 2014.

Manning, meanwhile, is somewhere between 150 and 200 votes at present (compare to 198 on Day 1 2015, and 207 on Day 1 2014)

As you can probably tell, we seem to be looking at a higher turnout than last year. It does seem to be slowing down a little, though, with campaigners outnumbering voters at Fisher. See the below pic for a colourful illustration of the campaigner to voter ratio:

Honi Soit September 21, 20163:37 pm

While we wait for more ~hard news~, a word from Honi fashion correspondents Mary Ward and Perri Roach.

Spotted on Eastern Ave: Power presidential candidate Georgia Mantle, sporting an extremely fashionable waterlogged moon boot. “I’m cold, and my boot don’t hold up well in the wet, but I’m powering on.” Mantle told Honi. She previously had a green plastic bag on it but found the water kept coming in.

Best dressed at Fisher is undoubtedly polling booth attendant Eliza Reynolds. Check out those white cowboy boots.

Turning now to weather, Honi can confirm that it is still raining. Here is a heartwarming picture of two rival campaigners sharing an umbrella.

Honi Soit September 21, 20164:12 pm

4pm has finally arrived, and the Manning booth has closed up shop for the day. Around 210 votes were cast there today – not too shabby.

Some more fashion coverage for you, this time of the Ryan twins from Twins for Tickets. Extreme coordination.

Honi Soit September 21, 20165:28 pm

With just over an hour of polling to go today, things are starting to get busy at Fisher and JFR. Here are some classic election pics of multiple campaigners swarming individual voters outside Fisher.

Latest vote count for JFR is 821 votes, Fisher’s sitting at around 600.

Honi Soit September 21, 20166:25 pm

We’ve spoken to a number of women this afternoon who have complained about being harassed and blocked by male campaigners.

Reporter Perri Roach spoke to a campaigner who told us she was “really scared for the girls”. “It’s basically guys leaning over small, mostly international student women.”

Another female student told us “it’s a boys club and they’re not afraid to intimidate women while they’re campaigning, and it’s on all sides.”

The day’s coming to a close, but this is probably a good time for campaigners to take a (perhaps literal) step back and make sure they’re not campaigning in a way that would intimidate or adversely affect other students.

Honi Soit September 21, 20166:26 pm

Chaos has descended on the final minutes of polling at Fisher today, with numerous campaigners involved in loud verbal arguments and standoffs. It’s a very tense environment. More to come.

Honi Soit September 21, 20166:31 pm

The final push for the last voter of the day has come and gone, polling is now closed until tomorrow. It’s been messy, thanks for reading along.

Honi Soit September 21, 20166:43 pm

To finish off this live blog for the day, please enjoy this selfie our reporter Kristi Cheng took with all the campaigners who were talking to her at once. She’d already voted. Iconic.