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Elections 2016: WET to edit Honi, Isabella Brook named SRC prez

Max Hall, Sam Langford, Alexandros Tsathas, Subeta Vimalarajah, Mary Ward and Naaman Zhou report.

WET for Honi will be your 2017 Honi Soit editors, sharing the SRC dungeons with newly elected president, Isabella Brook (NLS).

The WET ticket consisted of Honi Soit reporters Nick Bonyhady, Jayce Carrano, Ann Ding, Tina Huang, Gillian Kayrooz, Justine Landis-Hanley, Aidan Molins, Siobhan Ryan, Michael Sun, and Maani Truu, as well as contributor Evie Woodforde.

Campaigning heavily on all 11 members having contributed to the paper, WET polled the second-highest primary of 1365.

After SIN (with 1126 votes) came in third and was excluded from the count, a strong preference flow to WET managed to push the ticket’s vote count above TIME (who polled a primary vote of 1603 after seeming to do the inconceivable and mobilise the colleges as a stupol voting base), allowing them to jump into the top spot.

This pushed WET 296 votes ahead of TIME, with a total of 2013 votes.

Throughout all three days of polling, SIN were instructing their voters to have WET as their second-best pick.

Also, TIME and WET had a 2-0 deal, whereby TIME how-to-votes instructed voters to preference WET second (in exchange for WET not having any formal preference deal with SIN). However, this was only in operation on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This gave WET the pick of the “2” votes from both of the other tickets, regardless of which one was excluded.

It is the first time three tickets have contested the editorship since 2011.

SRC General Exec Brook, who ran with the Stand Up! campaign, edged out General Secretary Georgia Mantle (Grassroots), who ran with the Power campaign, for the top job.

Brook received 2133 votes, beating Mantle’s 1665. Brook beat Mantle at every booth except The Con and SCA, which both had (as is tradition) low voter turnouts.

The result was consistent with exit polling conducted by Honi Soit (and PULP, and Usyd Update) on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The count continues tomorrow morning, with NUS delegates and SRC Councillors to be announced over the next few days.

Follow along on our liveblog for the full result.