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We sent 10 reviewers to Aaron Chen’s trial show to find out how problematic he was

Here is what the reviewers have to say about the “good boy” of Sydney’s comedy scene

“Aaron Chen is disgrace and should be jailed but my god can he work a room.” – Declan Maher


“This show was the highlight of my life. If Aaron Chen commits to the moments where he smashes format and style conventions then he’ll turn this great trial show into an even better real show.” – Jess Zlotnick


“With their engaging interplay between stage and screen, Aaron Chen and Jon Lo inject youthful energy and cool atmospheric vibes into a dynamic and playful show that seems to flip the bird at any notion of conventional form.” – Victoria Zerbst


“A bizarre hypnotic karaoke track over a stop motion cool boy skateboard vid describes only the first few minutes of Aaron Chen’s show. He took the funniest bathroom break I’ve ever seen on stage.” – Peter Walsh


“Aaron Chen tried really really hard.” – Aaron Chen


“Mic issues made it hard to hear the performer. Good jokes though. 4 stars.” –  Jacob Henegan


“For a performative essay on how to deliver offbeat comedy and on the inter-generational trauma that Chairman Mao has delivered to young Chinese-Australians through their fathers, go see Aaron Chen.” – Sean Maroney


Aaron Chen made me forget I am clinically depressed for 1 hour; Jon Lo made me feel better about having a flight facilities tattoo. – Sarah Meyn


“When the mistakes are the jokes, there aren’t any mistakes. Mr. Chen’s show may not have the polished feel others boast, but it’s both funny and clever, and that’s what counts.” – Peter Burrell-Sander


“It is easy to see why Aaron Chen won that novelty cheque. Comedy worth a million dollars” – Jacinta Gregory


We, the leftist media, give problematic Aaron Chen a 3.5 on our Scale of Problematic Behaviour. This puts him before Selena Gomez and after Chris Angel The Mind Freak. Here is more information about Aaron Chen’s Trial Show.