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Live: October SRC council

The chronicle of your October 2016 SRC council meeting

Honi Soit October 5, 20168:12 pm

Next motion is about solidarity with the Banik family. Here’s the first part of the preamble –

Declan Maher (Socialist Alternative) speaks to the motion. Liam Carrigan (Grassroots) also speaks to the motion and commends Monash students for their campaign. Eleanor Morley (Socialist Alternative) reminds everyone it’s only a small win in a bigger fight.

Last motion is “Drive the Blairites out of Party”. Unity tries to move a procedural to go straight to a vote. The procedural fails and so Unity just pull quorum. The meeting ends.

It should be noted that as the meeting moved straight to the last agenda points, none of the office bearer reports were given. That means we have no idea (not that it would make a difference anyway) what $60 000+ (President and office bearer stipends) in student money is paying for.

Our last post is a little late as Kim Murphy (Socialist Alternative) had a rambling go at Naaman Zhou (Honi Soit). Thanks for following along mum!

The Professorial Board Room returns to a state of peace:

Honi Soit October 5, 20167:49 pm

Next motion is about the boycott CUB motion proposed by Jack Whitney and Isabella Brook (National Labor Students). Here’s a meme about the campaign –

Okay, we can’t seem to embed tweets. This one’s from @theamwu

April Holcombe (Socialist Alternative) speaks to the motion and starts by saying “I don’t want to ramble”. We’ve figured out what we did “wrong”. It was this tweet by Naaman –

Honi Soit October 5, 20167:45 pm

Next motion is about the boycott CUB motion proposed by Jack Whitney and Isabella Brook. Here’s a meme about the campaign –

April Holcombe speaks to the motion and starts by saying “I don’t want to ramble”. We’ve figured out what we did “wrong”. It was this tweet by Naaman:
Honi Soit October 5, 20167:41 pm
The motion is being moved by Lily Campbell (Socialist Alternative). Campbell talks about refugees in detention centres, popular support for a ban on Muslim immigration, and her support for the Greens walk out of Parliament during Hanson’s speech. Kim Murphy (Socialist Alternative) seconds the motion and points out that Islamophobia was an issue before Hanson. She identifies Labor and Liberal’s complicity.

Liam Carrigan (Grassroots) speaks on the motion. He congratulates Socialist Alternative on the work they’ve done in this area. He also shames the people who defaced posters advertising their anti-Islamophobia event. He calls for people to get involved in the fight against Reclaim Australia.

April Holcombe (Socialist Alternative) now speaks. Holcombe openly condemns the Labor party for failing to call out Hanson for her racism. Next subject of attack, Waleed Aly. Holcombe calls Aly “an Uncle Tom, effectively.”

Chris Anderton (Socialist Alternative) starts directly challenging the Labor students in the room for working with the Liberal students during the election. Anderton is interrupted by Eleanor Morley (Socialist Alternative) who calls us out for not covering the debate adequately. Exact words were lost on us but something about not being left wing and how we should be ashamed. Don’t worry Morley, we’ve only got one edition left!
Honi Soit October 5, 20167:33 pm

Three positions are up for election: Standing Legal Committee, Director of Student Publications and two members of Intercampus Committee. Our 5 readers should be aware that students fight aggressively in elections to get elected to these positions, but often don’t do anything and resign later in the year.

Irene Oh (Unity) is elected to Director of Student Publications and Standing Legal Committee. No one else nominated. We hope Oh will actually turn up to her shifts unlike ~some~ DSPs this year. No one validly nominated for Intercampus.
Procedural to move to the end of the agenda (to Q2) passes. The motion is about fighting against the rise of Hanson and One Nation. Apparently this has been on the agenda for a few months now.
Honi Soit October 5, 20167:20 pm

Max Hall (Honi Soit) fires off a string of questions for SRC President Chloe Smith during the allotted question time.

His first question is about the recent announcement to changes regarding student representatives on SEG Ed. The number of student representatives has been reduced to one appointed representative (we’ll report more fully on this soon!) SEG Ed is the University committee that discusses most education related policy, including proposals on academic honesty, marking, degrees, heaps of Important Things. At the moment the President of the SRC and SUPRA are automatically on this committee.
Smith has contacted Pip Pattison (DVC Education) about this. Pattison was allegedly not aware of the change. Smith will also be raising the change at Student Consultative Committee to Tyrone Carlin (DVC Registrar) and to the Chair of the Academic Board, Anthony Masters.
Other questions were asked regarding material that’s been in various Academic Board and Academic Standards and Policy Committee agendas. Smith was unable to offer her position. She cited not having the agendas before her as the reason for this.
Honi Soit October 5, 20167:12 pm

An hour and five minutes after the meeting was meant to start and we’re (finally) off! Yay, democracy! We’re joined by some observers today from Twins for Tickets. Aside from that, it’s just your regular group of hacks.

An attempt by Tina Huang (Independent) to resign her council position to Imogen Grant (Grassroots) fails, as the next person on the ballot needs to refuse their position for someone else to nominate. The next person on the ballot is the current SRC Vice President, Anna Hush (Grassroots). Hush is not present.
Minutes from the last meeting have been approved.