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#repselect 2 Live Blog

For all the #repselect drama (again)

Honi Soit November 23, 20168:26 pm

We’re done! Paulene says, “Thank you for one of the most civilised meetings I’ve done.”

And that’s it from us! Thanks WET for helping us out and Courtney Thompson (Grassroots) for taking this sweet pic. And Ollie Moore, because you’re great.

Honi Soit November 23, 20168:19 pm

Oh! A complication. Due to the new interpretation of the regulations by Cameron Caccamo – the current Chair of Standing Legal Committee – in order for the election of Ryan and Asimakis to be legitimate, one of them needs to provide a stat dec saying they are a non cis male. We’re pretty sure that’s not going to happen, so one of them will probably have to withdraw their nomination and then it might have to be re-voted on in the first SRC council meeting.

The candidates for Chair of Standing Legal Committee are immediate past President of the USU Alisha Aitken Radburn (Unity) and first year with a great smile, good heart but 0 experience, Liam Thorne (Grassroots). In a bizarre turn of events, Liam has taken the position, and despite never having held a position in the SRC before, and probably never having read it’s constitution, will now determine how it’s interpreted.
Aitken Radburn was gracious in defeat:

We assume the handover with Caccamo will need to be quite comprehensive, but power to you Liam. Here’s what he had to say about his new position:

Honi Soit November 23, 20168:01 pm

Jessica Syed, Nina Dillon Britton (Grassroots), Iman Farrar (NLS) and Ella Bickley (SLS) are elected as Sexual Harassment Officers. This position has newfound significance given the recent creation of a dedicated University subcommittee to tackle sexual assault and harassment on campus.

Vinil Kumar (Socialist Alternative) and Cameron Hawkins (Independent) nominate for Mature Age Student Officer, only for Paulene to remind them about the tyranny of the stat dec. Despite some confusion about whether they actually qualify as mature age students (you need to have been 21 when you enrolled in your undergraduate degree), they appear to have been elected subject to their capacity to prove their mature age student status.
Hold up! It appears Cameron Hawkins has now withdrawn his nomination and the second position will be elected at the next SRC meeting.
Nominations for Residential College Officers. A note from recent history: in 2013 (need to fact check that date) Nina Hallas (Grassroots) won this position on a platform of burning the colleges. Something makes me think this year’s candidates have different plans.
The nominees are Michelle Picone (SLS), William Ryan (Independent – Twins for Tickets), John Patrick Asimakis (Independent) and Jules van Ratingen. Ryan, Asimakis and Picone are elected to the position.
Picone was a resident at Women’s College and Ryan was at St Paul’s College, as was JP Asimakis. Picone rose to fame when she stood for the position of Environment Officer last year, despite not being the preselected candidate. She joined Asimakis on TIME for Honi this year. Asimakis’ rise in the hack world was defined by our favourite line in this year’s Honi election campaign: “You want minorities. I’ll give you minorities.”
We look forward to seeing what they accomplish!
Honi Soit November 23, 20167:32 pm

Eleanor Morley and Chris Anderton (both SAlt) are elected as Global Solidarity Officers.

There’s a tiny bit of drama as Amelia Chan (Independent) and Thandi Bethune (Grassroots) nominate for Intercampus Officer. Jacob Masina’s (Liberal) nomination from the last repselect was about to result in his election by default, but the factions scramble to get Parvathi Subramaniam elected instead.

We’re sorry for every time we said repselect

Georgia Mantle (Grassroots) puts on a Stand Up shirt. No one really cares, except Paulene who somehow cannot recognise her in a different shirt and makes a wild accusation that she is on the wrong side of the room.

Michael Elliot (Unity) keeps it classy at home and tells all of us to drown.


Honi Soit November 23, 20167:10 pm

Stat dec, stat dec, stat decs!!!! Julia Robins (SRC Secretary to Council) and Paulene say more about how nothing means anything unless you have a stat dec to prove it.

For the first time in two years the Environment Collective’s pre-selected candidates have been elected: Seth Dias, Andy Mason, Maushmi Powar, Jodie Pall. This means the collective can actually operate and doesn’t have to negotiate with random pro-nuclear, pro-CV stacking Labor hacks.

Honi Soit November 23, 20167:00 pm

Paulene clearly has dinner plans:

Pre-selected ACAR officers are elected – Radha Wahyuwidayat, Sophia Chung and Maddy Ward. One nomination for Indigenous Officer – Jackson Newell (Liberal) is elected, and the other position is to be filled at the first council meeting for 2017 (provided anyone nominates). No one new nominates for International Student Officer, so those who nominated initially are re-elected:

As things cool down IRL, the online world stays spicy:

*Apologies. A previous version of this post identified Sophia as Amelia.

Honi Soit November 23, 20166:47 pm

We’re firing through positions. General Executive positions go to Ella Bickley (SLS), Patrick Ryan (Independent – Twins for Tickets), Samuel Chu (Independent), Irene Oh (Independent) and Liam Donohoe (Grassroots).

A new bureaucratic hurdle is added to repselect – for any affirmative action position, people will be required to present a statutory declaration to Paulene verifying their identity. We are confused. This appears to mean that every position will require at least one statutory declaration, and that anyone – except white, straight men – may need to provide a statutory declaration, depending on the position they are running for.
We at Honi Soit believe only the white men should have to provide statutory declarations. End the statutory declarations!!! One assumes this new procedure is due to the Alex Fitton (Liberal) saga during the last repselect.
The Wom*n’s Collective pre-selected candidates – Imogen Grant (Grassroots) and Katie Thorburn (Grassroots) are elected as Wom*n’s Officers. Lily Campbell (SAlt), Bella Devine-Poulos (Grassroots), Caitlin McMenamin (SLS) and Harry Gregg (NLS) are elected as Welfare Officers.
Honi Soit November 23, 20166:29 pm

Daniel Ergas (Grassroots) and Isabella Pytka (SLS) are elected as General Secretaries. Usually a lover of objectivity, as her term ends, our co-editor Mary Ward takes to twitter to express her partisan views:

Don’t worry, we won’t tell Fairfax. Naaman on the other hand, stays on brand with a thread of Pope Francis tweets mashed with stupol tweets. The best thing is, he prepared them before the meeting. That’s commitment.

Honi Soit November 23, 20166:19 pm

Our first election of the night! Your Education Officers for 2017 are April Holcombe (SAlt) and Jenna Schroder (NLS). As the meeting continues, those absent take to twitter to contest why all the positions are being re-elected:

We’ve now moved on to the election of the Vice Presidents. All in all, it’s a pretty calm meeting. No one’s shouted anyone down, there’s light chatter as the factional headkickers fill out the ballots but the vibe is good(ish).
Your Vice Presidents are James Gibson (SLS) and Iman Farrar (NLS)! Onto General Secretary. Paulene declares Alex Fitton (Liberals) ineligible to run, everyone claps and cheers.
Honi Soit November 23, 20166:07 pm

Here are the new deals –

A motion is put by Georgia Mantle (Grassroots) to allow Liam Carrigan (Grassroots) to enter the room. Paulene is not happy. “During the election, Liam made a series of threats against people – some of them violent.” She ends her list of grievances saying, “I will not continue the meeting if Liam is here.” Despite subdued chuckles from the audience, no one can be bothered to challenge her. Liam remains on the bench outside the room.

The room has just voted not to have speeches before voting on nominations. As glad as we are that we can be back with our loved ones earlier tonight, is it perhaps bad that no one – even those who will be elected into $12 000 positions – will have to justify what they plan on doing with their roles? You decide, our loyal live blog readers.
Honi Soit November 23, 20165:56 pm

It looks like we’re quorate! The crowd cheers and claps. The meeting opens at 5.49pm with an acknowledgment of country from Indigenous Officer and General Secretary Georgia Mantle (Grassroots). The position of meeting chair is passed to Returning Officer Paulene Graham. “Let’s hope we do better this time,” she says. We hope so too, Paulene.

Before Paulene takes control as chair, President elect Isabella Brook (NLS) asks if the council accepts the minutes of the previous meeting. The minutes are rejected, meaning all the positions from the last meetings are being re-elected. Cool. We’re probably in for a long night.

Grassroots (Broad Left), NLS (Labor Left), Socialist Alternative and a few Independents – Amelia Chan (previously Unity, recently left) and Irene Oh make up the 17 councillors in the room. Unity and the moderate Liberals are a no show, meaning the 89th Students’ Representative Council will be controlled by NLS, Grassroots and SAlt.
Honi Soit November 23, 20165:30 pm

As Christmas approaches, the SRC has a special gift for you – a SECOND representatives elect meeting. That’s right, 8+ hours of someone pretending they are a woman to get an AA position, people crying in the back of the Professorial Boardroom and students losing faith in humanity wasn’t enough! We’re doing it all over again.

Tweet along, the precious hashtag is repselect. Message us your tips and tell your parents you love them. Not sure why we’re going through this again? Lucky for you, the people’s hero Naaman Zhou wrote this just for you.

The meeting was scheduled to start at 5pm, but in classic SRC style, it’s yet to start. That said, apparently we’ll have quorum soon! Stay tuned.