15 Stunning Costumes from Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2017

Aren't they just gorgeous!

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1. A group of revelers enjoy the celebrations in waistcoats of yellow emblazed with fluoro detailing.


2. Bright head pieces pull these costumes together perfectly.


3. Two pose in long, eye catching, jackets and structured hats. One dons a pink wig. Can you guess the famous trio?


4. A true Mardi Gras staple, the full body jumpsuit, makes this quartet stand out for all the right reasons


5. Caps are in for Mardis Gras and matching shoulder pieces add a bit of grunge to the mix.


6. This parade goer brought their own float and onlookers could not be more excited.


7. The road is closed, but there’s always a detour. Industrial boots and a brightly coloured tunic add some sparkle to the festivities.


8. Parade goer stops to take a photo while wearing a stunning fluoro jacket and muted Navy hat.


9. These two costumers stun the night in brightly coloured sleeveless vest, with blue accents.


10. Bright lights, big city. Can’t keep me away. I’m gonna celebrate til my knees fall off.


11. What’s over there? It doesn’t matter, because this attendee is all we want to see.


12. Less is never more at Mardis Gras. These two show us how to take an all dark palate it to the next level.


13. Squad goals!


14. Trio of blue celebrate with an homage to the tranquility peace and love of the underwater world.


15. Berda gerda sherd and a herd a ferdagerdyderdy berd.


Vice Chancellor Michael Spence.

Michael Spence

Michael Spence: the fair controller?

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