Militant anti-vaxxers resort to biological warfare by vaccinating their enemies

Biological warfare has broken out across Sydney

A new anti-vaccination terrorist group, calling itself “concerned mums”, is waging a biological war across the suburbs of Sydney.

Their primary method of inciting terror is to forcibly inject their targets with common vaccines which the group believes will have devastating consequences for their victims. The naturopath group has cited academics, general practitioners, and other rational members of society as their sworn enemies.

Anonymously published videos have surfaced on LiveLeak, showing horrific footage of hostage immunisations. “Let’s see you quote peer-reviewed statistics once your brain is permanently damaged,” said a masked figure. In the same graphic video, two young pharmacists are inoculated for whooping cough against their will.

Dozens of victims have suffered small punctures on their upper arms with many also experiencing minor flu symptoms that disappeared within three to seven days.

Unconfirmed reports have suggested the group has strong ties to renowned paleo diet advocate Pete Evans who fed unsuspecting diners un-activated almonds during a recent taping of My Kitchen Rules.

In related news, incidences of the common flu are at an all time low.