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Nation’s second most racist cartoonist ‘ready to step up’

He has some very racist shoes to fill

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Yagaddabekidden, NSW.

In a press release written on—is that a Golliwog logo? Jesus!—sorry, in a press release circulated today, Mullumbimby Courier artist, Jim Peel, announced his readiness to take up the mantle as Australia’s most racist cartoonist.

“What happened to Bill is terrible”, wrote Peel, “and possibly a Jewish conspiracy” he continued before asking us to redact that line.

“We all have to band together to continue his work” said Peel, calling out to the nation’s truthers and skeptics to “pick up a pen and draw a slur.”

Peel, 56, has worked in relative obscurity since taking a post at the Courier in 1990, but gained a reputation among fans as a racist’s racist, for his subversive use of colour and ardent belief in the right to punch down.

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