Schapelle Corby: Australia’s Ned Kelly?

Is she the one?

It seems these days that every country has its own Ned Kelly. China, America, Sweden and Turkey all tout their own Ned Kelly in triumphant glory while Australia trails behind, battling to keep up.

Given its long history of supporting the underdog and hating the oppressive establishment, it’s almost laughable that Australia doesn’t yet have a Ned Kelly of it’s own. To be blunt, Australia was in the perfect position and should have been the very first nation to have its own Ned Kelly. Still, Australia has struggled to find a comparative figure. Until now.

In 2005 a young bush ranger type with naivete and gusto entered the public eye and experts have been waving their hands in excitement as the similarities become clearer and clearer. They were both born. They both did crime, and they both paid … with their lives. Some more than others.

Schapelle Corby, an Australian holidaymaker, was sentenced to 20 years in prison when she tried to fight the system and go for a boogie board in Bali. A harsh punishment laid down by a harsh world. A larrikin caught up in the cruelty of a tyrannical system. Just like Ned Kelly.

With the comparisons clear, it looks like Schapelle Corby will be leading Australia into a brand new age as the Ned Kelly we never had, but always needed.