Woman forgoes pregnancy test after boyfriend gets excited about ‘2 for 1’ polo deal at Lowes

This can only mean one thing

A St Peters woman has purchased a baby high chair despite not having taken a pregnancy test, after observing her partner’s excitement about this weekend’s ‘2 for 1’ deal at discount menswear store Lowes.

Amy Tan, 31, told gathered media her boyfriend James Young, also 31, had mentioned that he “might check out” the half price multi-coloured polo shirts.

“All the signs are there,” Tan said. “He’s obviously a dad.”

Tan feels confident about spending big at Babies “R” Us in the meantime.

“I’ve got a bunch of onesies, a gate for the stairs, and a change table,” she said. “I’m holding off on the pram purchase because [Young] pulled the ‘nice to meet you, hungry’ gag on me this morning. If he’s that much of a dad, I could be having twins.”

Young said he “wholeheartedly” supported his girlfriend’s decision.

“The money for a test is better spent on polos, they’re basically giving them away,” he said, while gesticulating towards a new pair of all-white New Balance trainers.

“I’m ready for fatherhood.”

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