Victoria Park gets a makeover

USyd's own 'Backyard Blitz'

Vic park construction

The University of Sydney’s favourite backyard began a facelift in January this year.

The significant renovations include a new perimeter path, new seats, table tennis tables, a netball court, and more lighting for safety and major events.

Construction crews are currently dredging the lake, transforming the body of water into an ugly mudflat.

“It’s a total mess,” said Barbara, a USyd student who had braved the dire sight to sit overlooking it.

Despite the current ugliness, USyd students will eventually be spoilt by a new entrance to the park directly from Barff Road behind the Law School. Increased accessibility between pre-drinks in Victoria Park and the rest of the Uni makes Barff Road’s name particularly appropriate.

In addition, the plan seeks to improve the water quality of Lake Northam — the true name of the lake in Victoria Park (renamed in 1965 after a long-serving councillor for the City of Sydney). To do so, the council is refilling the lake with clean water,  planting more wetland flora, and installing new traps and filters to recapture pollution and bottles thrown by wayward youth.

The refurbishment is part of the City of Sydney’s infrastructure program, headed by Lord Mayor Clover Moore. The majority of construction will be done by early next year while the new entrance to USyd will be completed in mid-2018.

The draining of the lake has at least ended the incessant arguments as to its depth — less than a metre for those who were wondering. One might ask where the famed eels have gone in the meantime.

We can only hope that — like the families on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition — our slimy friends will return in 2018 to find their humble abode in better condition than ever.