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Woman asking Facebook friends for things to do while in Hobart receives 17th suggestion to visit MONA

One woman is finally shaking up her visit to Tasmania

A woman who posted a Facebook status asking for ways to pass time while on a work trip to Hobart has received her 17th suggestion to visit the city’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).

Hayley Richards, a 28-year-old account manager from Alexandria, was unsure how she would spend a four-hour period left idle in the schedule for her trip, which will see her accompany co-worker Jaxon Kings to the country’s most southern capital city to visit one really annoying, tiny client they have down there.

The first suggestion came from Richards’ sister-in-law, Esther Long. Long told Richards she went to MONA when she and Richards’ brother, Steve, did their Tasmanian road trip in 2015, hiking up Cradle Mountain and viewing Antarctica from Port Arthur.

Long praised the Museum, which has pretty much the same shit as the MCA, over these other experiences, commenting, “It was such a highlight.”

Subsequent MONA advocates included Liberty Jacobs, who Richards had a thing with a while back and had forgotten was still her Facebook friend (“MONA! MONA!”) and Tim Handels, who Richards thought may be from Hobart originally, but does not remember (“Gotta see MONA! So sick!”)

It was ultimately Joel Burns, a man Richards studied marketing with for three semesters before he transferred to UTS, who provided the 17th ringing endorsement for the attraction.

“You should absolutely go to MONA,” Burns commented. “It’s really thought-provoking. Afterwards you should go to this smoothie place around the corner. I mean, it’s not the greatest smoothie ever, but still for Hobart it’s like, ‘Wow, you have this here?’”

Richards will depart for Hobart on Tuesday, April 11.

She told The Garter Press that, if she does decide to visit MONA, the pictures will be available in her “2k17: let’s make it a good one” Facebook photo album from April 16.