Really long, many words: week 10

We ask students to explain their theses in 200 of the 1000 most common English words

really long, many words

Oliver Moore is writing their PhD on contemporary American queer political poetry.

People without political power write short nice word book. American people who love other people the same respond to violence and bad thing about that and write short nice word. Since the bad bank thing,
people realise that the government not care about them. This means that people lose hope in politics to protect them from bad thing, including not have money and be treat bad. Many writers write short nice word book about this as a way to do political work without power or political will.

Some writers write short nice word book in response to violence like big gun shoot. One big gun shoot kill many people who love other people the same and is bad. Many people blue about loss. Other people blue about small violence less clear. Small violence against people who love other people the same not on television, can only find on line if you know where to look.

Because people who love other people the same hard to find sometimes, they find each other on line where you can be not know and be safe. On line is where the short nice word book is. Thus, political power through short nice word for people who love each other the same can be find on line.

Vice Chancellor Michael Spence.

Michael Spence

Michael Spence: the fair controller?

The Vice Chancellor has been in the role for almost a decade; his drive to reshape the University seems to have only grown.