What’s on this week (according to your mature age student mum who wants to hang out)

Having that one English tute together on Tuesdays doesn't count!

SciSoc’s Final BBQ
When: Wednesday June 7, 12:00pm-2:00pm
Where: School of Chemistry, USyd
Price: Free with a 2017 SciSoc t-shirt | Access $2 | Non-Access $6

Honey, we should get lunch together on campus this week. I’ve got a break at midday and I know your tute finishes at 1 — yes, you told me, plus your timetable is printed out and stuck to the fridge — and this is so affordable it’d be silly not to. I’ve even got a shirt so it’s free for me! I think the shirt is cool. Don’t you think it’s cool? Tell you what — I’ll even wait around after class and give you a lift home. I’ll use the extra time to do a bit of extra reading.

SUDS Presents: The Normal Heart
When: Wednesday June 7 to Saturday June 10, 7:30pm (7:00pm Saturday)
Where: The Actor’s Pulse, Redfern
Price: Student $7 | General Admission $10

Did you see that article? So awful how the ceiling fell down in that little cellar where they were planning to stage this. But they’re back! I saw you click going on the Facebook event and I thought we could go together. You know how I love theatre. I was even in a few plays back when I did my first undergrad. We got up to some real mischief. Anyway, it sounds like a great play — really interesting — all about a writer and a doctor going through the AIDS epidemic in New York in the 80s.

Therapaws Dog Therapy
When: Thursday June 8, 2:00pm-3:30pm
Where: Eastern Avenue
Price: Free

Oh, now this is fun. Back when I was doing my first degree in the 90s we didn’t have therapy dogs on campus! You lucky ducks. You know, I’m more of a cat fan myself, but I know you like dogs a lot. This might be a nice way to spend a bit of time on campus together! They even have study tips and exam prep, and you can even take photos with the dogs! Come on, sweetie, it’ll be great. And how about we get coffee afterwards? And we could even go and study together for a bit…

Manning Theatresports: Old School vs. New School
When: Thursday June 8, 7:00pm
Where: Manning Bar
Price: Free

Oh, when I did my first undergrad there used to be these hip cool dudes doing improv comedy at Manning all the time. Some of them are even famous nowadays. I don’t think they had this when I was here, though: they get old USyd comedy alumni to come back and play against new teams of current students. I should really start prepping for exams … but it sounds like a blast! And it’s free! Not that you’d have had to to worry about that — your old mum’ll shout you anytime. I might even be cheeky and get a beer!

BarberSoc Presents: A Cappella Extravaganza
When: Friday June 9, 7:30pm
Where: Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre
Price: Access $10 | Concession $16 | Adults $26

Darling, you’ve got such a lovely singing voice, why aren’t you in this? I really want to go to this but do you think I should start studying for exams? No? Well, why don’t we go and get a bite to eat together in Newtown — so trendy! — and then we can watch some of these lovely students sing together. There might even be some cute boys performing. What?! Oh, that’s not embarrassing, come on, love. And you know, next year you should audition for these ensembles. I want to see you perform! Like you did in school!

Sydney University Symphony Orchestra Presents: Slavic Reflections
When: Saturday June 10, 7:30pm
Where: Great Hall, The University of Sydney
Price: Access $14 | Concession $20 | General Admission $25

Okay, I know you said you were busy, but surely you can take a Saturday night off to hang out with your mum a bit. Come on, you said when I came to uni that we’d hang out! You know how I love classical music. They’re going to play Tchaikovsky and Dvorak and even premiere a new piece by Hamilton! We could even get a bit dressed up for it, and go and get a fancy dinner — yes, I’ll pay — and for your ticket too, yes — I’m sure you’ll actually end up enjoying yourself.

Vivid New Music at the Con: Ben Carey, Composers’ Ensemble, Spiral
When: Saturday June 17, 8:00pm-9:30pm
Where: Sydney Conservatorium Of Music Cafe
Price: Child/Concession $15 | Adult $25

Honey, this is after both our big essays are handed in so you have no excuse not to see your own mum for a night. It sounds like a great concert — you’ve got students from the Con playing and composing music, and students from the SCA making light projections for the show. I think it’ll be lovely! Those kids must be so talented, and so creative. Maybe I should do some units at the SCA. And you know what, afterwards we can go out and enjoy the rest of Vivid as well! Won’t that be nice! Unwinding at the end of semester with your mum!