What’s on this week (according to your mildly disappointed father)

Seeing as your course isn't very demanding, you could probably go along to some of these events.

SUDS: The Normal Heart
When: Wednesday May 31 to Saturday June 10 7.30pm
Where: The Cellar Theatre
Price: SUDS $3 | Access $5 | Concession $7 | Adult $10

Hey kiddo, one of the blokes at work has a son in this performance. Dale Glover, he actually went to your primary school. He’s always had a cracking talent for acting. Do you remember when he was Oliver in your year six performance of Oliver! Who did you play again? Anyway, the play follows a doctor in New York in the 1980s at the start of the AIDS epidemic. I know you didn’t end up doing quite well enough on the medicine entry exams but I don’t think you need much medical knowledge to enjoy the show.

Jew Revue: Fake News, Fake Jews
When: Wednesday May 31, Thursday June 1, Saturday June 3 7.30pm
Where: Seymour Centre
Price: Access $15 | Student $18 | Adult $20

You know I’ve never tried to push our family’s faith onto you because I know you’re an intelligent person who can make up their own mind. But with your grandma being so ill now, you could maybe try to get a little bit more in touch with our culture, just for her sake. This show’s supposed to be fantastic too! Lots of budding talent, even if you ignore the wishes of your grandma and the rest of the family, it’s definitely worth going to see just for its own sake.

Birthing Kit Packing Day
When: Thursday June 1, 1pm-3pm
Where: Isabel Fidler Room, Manning Fisher Library
Price: Free

When your brother was born, it was the most beautiful moment of my life. Every family and mother should be able to give birth in safe and sanitary conditions. You can spend a couple of hours of your time and give that opportunity to dozens of mothers living in disadvantaged conditions around the world. I know you usually work on Thursdays, but your job at Hungry Jack’s is hardly the most important thing in the universe. I mean, will they even notice if you don’t show up.

United States Studies Society Trivia and Soul Food Extravaganza
When: Friday June 2, 5pm
Where: Miss Peaches, Newtown
Price: Members Free | Access $5 | Non-Access $10

Do you remember Daniel and Kelly’s daughter, Natalie? She was a couple of years below you. Really strong swimmer. Well anyway, she got offered a spot at Harvard for next year. Pretty incredible stuff. Just goes to show what hard work can do. You should go visit her sometime, she can probably show you around campus. In the meantime, you might as well go along to the US Studies Society’s event. They’re doing trivia. You might learn something.

Video Killed the Radio Star: Presented by MecoSoc / Honi / SURG
When: Monday June 5
Where: Hermann’s Bar
Price: Free

I know you’re nearly finished with your degree but it’s still not too late to transfer to Commerce. Your mother and I would be happy to pay for some of your rent for a while so you could focus on catching up. But I guess if you’re determined to stick with arts and media, you might as well go along to this event. It’s a panel looking at how video and radio are changing with a bunch of people who are succeeding in the industry. Rubbing shoulders with the right people can’t hurt you.