Why two sleep pods between 50k students was a good investment

Twice the snooze, half the lose.

One year ago the University of Sydney created a ‘sleep zone’ in its Fisher Library with the installation of two state of the art Metronaps® EnergyPods®.

By all reports the pods have exceeded expectations. While they were originally met with some cynicism and disregarded as a novelty, the critics of this now-essential university facility have found egg well and truly on their faces. The sleep pods are a hit — and possibly too popular!

The only misstep USyd made when they bought the EnergyPods® (for the bargain price of $17,000 each) was that they didn’t buy enough! It’s become impossible to peruse the University’s main library without bumping into hoards of people lining up to lie down.

As the old adage goes: don’t buy two Metronaps® EnergyPods® for 50,000 students lest you court disappointment!

The hope among the student body is that the University will just front up a little more cash and finally do away with all the abandoned desks and workspaces in the library, expanding the Metronaps® EnergyPods® sleep zone across the entirety of Level 3.

“Who needs desks?” asked Language studies student, Samantha Leighton, who was three hours into lining up for her twenty minute spin in the pod. “Well-equipped workplaces with room for every student to study are a dime a dozen. Give us more things we can lie down on.”

USyd declined to comment on their plans to increase the supply of EnergyPods® to students, but there have been persistent rumours that in 2019 the former SCA campus will be decked out with sleep pods and restructured as the Metronaps® Energy Palace.

This article was sponsored by Metronaps®.

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