Heat to edit Honi Soit in 2018

Rival ticket Mint for Honi informally withdrew from the race on Sunday.

Heat for Honi will edit this humble rag, Honi Soit, next year, leading the race against Mint for Honi with 1947 votes to 1137.

The final result is unsurprising, given Mint for Honi informally withdrew from the election on Sunday night.

However, they still managed to poll with only 10 fewer votes than last year’s Sin for Honi, which heavily contested the election.

This leaves 1169 votes as informal, compared with last year’s 137, reflecting the uncontested nature of the election this year.

Heat comprises Elijah Abraham, Bianca Davino, Janek Drevikovsky, Cameron Gooley, Nick Harriott, Andrew Rickert, Lamya Rahman, Zoe Stojanovic-Hill, Lena Wang, and Alison Xiao.

All of their members have previously written for Honi, and Harriott and Rickert have directed and produced videos and podcasts respectively for Honi this year.

The Honi ballots.

Correction: This article originally had the final vote counts as 1904 for Heat and 1116 for Mint.