Review: Dodo Park

Daphine Yang reviews Baby Boy Bolognese's Sydney Fringe offerings.

Baby Boy Bolognese’s Dodo Park tells the story of a team of scientists adventuring in — yes, you guessed it — a dodo park. Baby Boy Bolognese, a comedy group comprising USyd comedians, brings the audience an original performance— in their self-introduction, they present themselves as specialists in tomato-based pasta sauces.

The main characters of the show are a scientist couple, Dr McNeil and Dr Brenda, who hold opposite views on the “personality” of dodo birds—whether the dodo is a “dangerous” or “lovely” creature. With a “huge” twist in the plot, the adventure becomes a story of romance and love. The show is inspired by the modern world and developed technology, with many science-related punchlines made in the show — one even references chaos theory.

Though the show might be seen as a melodramatic and hilarious comedy, from my personal interpretation, the show also serves, to a certain extent, as a satire. It explores the idea that technology has blocked individuals from talking to others, a syndrome in our modern society—people are indifferent.

Dodo Park inspires its audience to think about the relation between human beings and animals, which are treated unfairly because of humanity’s arrogance and ignorance, and brings up the question of how trust and connection could be established between individuals and groups.

From the response of the audience, the show was a success. The actors interacted heavily with the audience, and the general atmosphere of the show was enjoyable. Overall, Baby Boy Bolognese’s Dodo Park is an entertaining show to watch — if you’ve got a spare evening, go and enjoy the laughs!