Guy at club still pretty sure girl he was hitting on is coming back

"She'll be back any second now."

21-year-old Dominic Laver remains certain that Xenia, the girl he bought a drink for 20 minutes ago, will soon return to continue their conversation.

“She said she got a message saying one of her friends was really ill on the dance floor so she had to go help. She told me she’ll come back though,” Dominic said. “She must be a really great friend.”

Dominic offered his assistance but was told it wasn’t necessary. “She told me that a few times actually.”

According to Dominic, Xenia was initially quite cold but warmed up to him significantly after he offered to buy her a drink.

“I think she really liked that I could tell she was a vodka raspberry girl. Her eyes lit up as soon as I suggested it,” Dominic said. The pair chatted while waiting to buy drinks at the venue’s bar. “It’s a shame she had to leave to help her mate almost as soon as she finished the drink.”

While waiting for Xenia, Dominic bought himself two more drinks and one shot of vodka. “I just needed some liquid courage because she’s so cool. We only talked for a few minutes but I really felt a connection,” Dominic said. “I started babbling on about my aspirations for after uni and all this stuff, I just couldn’t help myself. I guess that’s what happens when you meet someone special.”

“I saw the girl he was with killing it on the dance floor about 15 minutes ago,” said Ali Bashir, the bartender who served Dominic. “I didn’t have the heart to tell the bloke.”

At the time of publication Dominic was still waiting. “Not long now,” he said.

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