Deep Tea Diving: Week 2, Semester 2

Sly snakes everywhere

Artwork by Jess Zlotnick

SRC Hackathon

The SRC offices have been compromised. Despite the introduction of a new swipe card system only one month prior, the security of the Wentworth Building has been shaken to its core by an old-school computer hack. The screenshot-and-print kind.

Late in the winter break, President Imogen Grant was informed by the SRC Administration and Systems Manager that print-outs had been found in the reception printer which included a screenshot of Grant’s desktop and copies of her Facebook correspondence. Reportedly, these could only have originated from Grant’s desktop computer. The exact details are unclear, as upon finding the documents, Narayanan immediately shredded the papers.

As it’s unknown with whom Grant’s communication was sought, there are no leads as to the culprit. Certainly the timing suggests the breach was politically motivated, with Grassroots pre-selection and SRC elections just around the corner.

The trespass has rocked the foundations of the SRC, which operates as a high security compound.

The president’s office at the SRC is locked, and only Grant and Narayanan have the key. The offender presumably assumed that Grant had her own printer in the office, and bolted when no papers emerged from any printer within earshot. Surely these sticky beaks could have done a little more reconnaissance. How can they run for election if they can’t even print documents.


SASS remains a rort

Being out-of-pocket as a society executive is not an uncommon phenomenon for the average committed CV-stacker. However, we’ve decided that when its the biggest society on campus, it deserves a shoutout in the only print weekly newspaper in Australia.

2017 ARNA Publications Director Izabella Antoniou remains out of pocket for the bar tab* expense incurred at last year’s launch of the Arts Society creative journal. Despite chasing up the owed amount with last year and this year’s executive, Antoniou has not received reimbursement. We hope if nothing else, this column can hold societies to account as they leave their hard working executives without recompense.

*The print version of this section referred incorrectly to a band fee owing in addition.