SRC 2018 Live Results

Join us as the results roll in live.

Jacky (Yisheng) He will be the SRC president for 2019, dominating at the polls with 1789 of the primary vote. The Panda candidate backed by international students beat Grassroots’ Lara Sonnenschein, who was backed by a Grassroots and Switch coalition, Labor’s Adriana Malavisi, who ran on ‘Reboot branding’, and Advance’s Alex Yang. Read the full article here.

Welcome to live results for the 2018 SRC elections. We’re feeding the numbers through as they’re counted, and the graphs below will update live. The counts for the Presidential race and the Honi election will be finalised tonight. Council and NUS votes will be counted over the next several days, and this blog will continue to be updated as they come in.

Presidential Results

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 5.52.08 PM

NUS Results

We can confirm the following candidates for NUS delegate have the numbers, and will be elected. The result isn’t yet official, since SRC regs require the EO to complete the council count before announcing NUS results. Adriana Malavisi (Unity), tickethead of Reboot for NUS was elected after breaking quota, as was James Newbold (NLS), second on the ticket. Their first preference total must have been over 892, because that’s how many votes it takes to break quota (446) twice times.  Lily Campbell (SAlt) and Eleanor Morley (SAlt) from Grassroots for NUS were also elected. Alexi Cassis (Unity), third member on the Reboot for NUS ticket, was elected, as was Lachlan Finch (Mod Lib) on Shake Up for NUS. Finally, Vinil Kumar (SAlt), was elected from Switch for NUS.

This year’s quota was 446 votes. Quota is calculated by dividing the total first preference votes by the number of seats up for grabs plus one. So in this election: 3563 votes/8 (7 delegates+1) = 445.3, which is rounded up to 446.  On the first round, all candidates over quota are elected. Then, on the second count, the candidates elected in count one have their preferences distributed. Anyone who now has over 446 votes is elected, and their preferences are distributed. This continues until no candidate has over 446 votes. At this point, the count moves from the bottom up: the candidate with the fewest votes at this stage is eliminated, and their preferences are distributed. This continues, eliminating the candidate with the fewest votes each time, until there are 7 delegates.

Honi Soit Results

Spice for Honi will edit Honi Soit next year in a landslide win. Spice garnered 1978 votes, beating rival tickets, Pictures of Spider-Man for Honi (677 votes) and Honey Soy (601 votes). Read the full article here.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 3.56.02 PM