A New Beginning

A poem on starting university

A tree with green leaves against an orange background. Art: Annie Zhang.

Intense nervousness overshadows you,
Followed by a sigh of relief,
As the UAC App releases your offer.
This marks the start of a new beginning.

From school adolescent
Morphing into adulthood
Jumping into excitement:
Into the sandstone and beyond.

From the quiet suburban school grounds,
Into the hustling and bustling King Street.
From the old and rundown brick walls of public education,
To the sandstone buildings holding a century of prestige.

Let your courage and hope kindle
And fear and doubt dwindle
As a destination of three to four years lies ahead for you to tackle

Awaken your spirit to embrace this new academic adventure
Hold nothing back
Learn and embrace new challenges ahead
Embrace ambiguity and problem solving
Unlearn orthodox thinking and challenge assumptions
Discover wisdom amongst the stacks of books accumulating dust in Fisher Library
Ignite your curiosity to explore the impossible
Live, learn, laugh
Treat yourself with a sip of chai latte and soy
As you hang around Manning enjoying new friendship and companionship

Soon you will be in a home
Soon you will find your rhythm on campus
As you look forward to the start of new beginnings
Along the glistening steps lighting up the pavement in the century-old Quad
Enlightening your path ahead

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