Poles, Pillars and Praxis

Alan and Annie befriend overlooked structures on campus

Poles of USyd in various locations

The Champagne Socialist (Outside Merewether)

pink pole

Annie: This pole has been instrumental in student activist movements and in supporting campus culture. This pole protested Adani, urged people to join FMAA, and is now promoting an eBook on Amazon. What can’t this pole do?

Alan: There’s a bit of an epistemological dilemma here, right? Like, poles inherently support structures but all this pole supports is a rare colour mix of hot pink and mouldy sticky tape.

Mr Thick (On City Rd)

st pauls pole

Alan: I’m not a big fan of this one. Something about it screams ‘pole performativity’ to me.

Annie: That’s not very nice. Girth matters more than length.

The Three Generations (ABS/Codrington)

intergenerational poles

Alan: This is our first triplet and they aren’t ordinary poles. The more I look at them, the more they cry out a sad story of intergenerational assimilation and the severance of cultural memory.

Annie: They are my children.

Joe: I’m not sure I’d call them poles. They’re like electricity pillars.

Michael Spence (Outside F23)

phallic pole

Alan: If the F23 Admin Building is the University’s beige cargo pants, this pole is its phallic core.

Annie: Quite white.

*The poles did not provide comment in  time for publication.