Semester 2 Week 1 Editorial

The editorial of our Semester 2 Week 1 edition

Semester 2, Week 1 is a rather odd time of the year for the Honi editors. Some of the members of our editorial team have observed that, in many ways, this is the “beginning of the end” for us. As much as we may wish to delay it, we are about to venture into the twilight of our editorial term.

Having spent eight weeks away from the frenetic cycle of editing this wonderful paper, each of us has had the opportunity to reflect on what we achieved together over the previous semester. However, the path of reflection also leads to a rather vexing question- that of what our legacy will be.

I am certain that we are not the only Honi team to be concerned by the desire to shape our legacy. When discussing our contribution to this paper with some of my fellow editors, a few aspects of our editorial term were frequently raised.  We were able to deliver the first consistent multilingual section of the paper, revamp the way Honi reports on news, and take a stance in reporting on highly impactful issues.

Unfortunately for us, however, the question of our legacy will not be resolved by  our own reflections. For the most part, it will be determined by the memories of our readership – something well beyond our control. In that sense, perhaps it is better to focus on each edition ahead of us rather than fixate on the elusive goal of influencing the way we will be remembered.

I want to make a note to thank Grace Fu and Altay Hagrebet for their amazing work over the holidays in preparing the art for this edition. Additionally, I am grateful to all the authors of long-form pieces for the thought and consideration they put into their amazing articles. It would be remiss of me not to thank Bob He for providing me with the design inspiration for many of the spreads in this edition. Lastly, I want to extend the warmest welcome to Amelia Mertha as she works on her first edition as an editor of Honi Soit.

I’m genuinely unsure of the way this editorial team will be remembered. It’s an unpredictability that, at times, causes me some anxiety. In those times, however, I can seek comfort in the certainty that the words of my favourite author provide. At the end of our term, Liam, Jess, Alan, Annie, Carrie, Joe, Nell, Amelia, Bob and I would have made a journey together to a place where there was nowhere left to go.

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