The Cynicism of the Wind (or “I’ve ruined wind for you”)

"He was the worst hangover from my best nights"

Jacaranda Art by Emma Cao.

Watching him walk away
Was like watching the rain start to fall on a perfect day
He was “error and fantasy”; tears and laughter  
He was every windy day thereafter:

Storms have eyes but they cannot see,
I didn’t know, and nor did he,
Like the sky I opened, like the rain, I fell
And blew away in winter’s spell

The green in his eyes was a trick of the light
He was the worst hangover from my best nights
The first time I got high — couldn’t sleep but was dreaming
Making worlds out of words, language into feeling

Sometimes I think I smell him in the air
On the breeze, on the ends of my hair
But as the summer sun crests, as I watch springtime rescind,
I have to remember — it’s only the wind.

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