Who? Weekly: Week Two

The SASS video has burned our brains.

Vibe check: failed  

If you haven’t seen the SASS Welcome to Uni Party video yet, we suggest you watch it immediately. It explains why they barely managed a half-full room of tired old Liberal and Unity hacks doing their best impressions of Real Human University Students.

Loose lips sink (USU) ships 

Honi (Spice, 2019) alum, Carrie Wen,  is reported to have drunkenly decided to run for USU and at a SULS event, no less! We wish Capricious Carrie all the best in her political endeavours. The identity of Benny Shen’s “friend” has been further revealed to be someone in Panda called Vicky. Vicky Who? We don’t know.

A distinguished member of the Young Liberals by the name of Ben Hines is allegedly also running. Boring Ben is a SUBS/SULS double who. We hope he knows how to use facetune!  

Plotter Prudence has certainly been plotting! In the SRC president’s office, no less. Plotter Prudence, Joker Julie and Liam “Doon” Donohoe were seen conspiring in our favourite basement early last week.

Naughty Boy

DJ Albo took some time out of his busy schedule to flip off some filthy queers this weekend. 

Bad Albo! Image: LGBTI Rights Australia

In a video of the incident, the No Pride In Detention and Homos Against Scomo contingent are heard chanting “One, Two, Three, Fuck the ALP” at the ALP Mardi Gras contingent, which included the Opposition Leader.

Evan Van Zijl, a spokesperson of No Pride In Detention, told Honi “this is indicative of the ALP’s response to refugee rights and protestors more generally. Labor has turned its backs on us, and turned its back on its own voter base.”

“We will continue to oppose Labor’s inhumane refugee policy on the streets and on Palm Sunday.”

The incident also drew criticism from the NUS Queer Department, who claimed Albo had given UNSW Education Officer Shovan Bhattarai the finger after she confronted him over the ALP’s support of the Religious Exemptions Bill.

But not everyone was so unhappy, like USU President Connor Wherret, who commented  “good on him!” in a Facebook post about the incident.

Woke King! 

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