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World Vision announces “sponsor a World Vision intern” campaign

World Vision will encourage donors to help it pay its workers a living wage.

World Vision has announced a campaign to fight underpayment of its own staff, following revelations it had reported itself to the Fair Work Ombudsman.

“For just one dollar a day, you can double what we’re currently paying interns,” one new campaign ad reads.

As part of the campaign, donors can exchange letters with an intern.

Stephanie, a barely-paid intern who’d started in as an unpaid intern, told The Rodent that she’d found the letter process strange.

“Lots of people have asked for progress reports of how I’m doing, or got angry when I wasn’t ‘sufficiently adoring. There were lots of requests for feet pics too.”

The campaign is considered as a breakthrough in the non-profit sector which largely relies on unpaid or underpaid staff. 

“We aim by 2050 for 50% of our staff to be able to pay for 10% of their rent on the salaries we provide,” a World Vision spokesperson said.

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