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Chinese-Australian mum wins Pulitzer for live coverage of coronavirus in family Wechat group

Wang's WeChat fearless reporting has finally received the recognition it deserves

The  2020 Pulitzer Prize for Live Coverage has been awarded to Chinese-Australian mother and Wechat extraordinare Linda Wang (53) for her “fearless, persistent and multi-faceted reporting on the Coronavirus outbreak.” 

Speaking for Columbia University, a representative from the Pulitzer Prize said the judging committee was “blown away” by Wang’s sheer dedication to reporting, citing that her live coverage in her family Wechat group averaged at approximately one update every two minutes – vastly outstripping any mainstream media outlet.

The Pulitzers further praised Wang’s ability to synthesise both English and Chinese language sources in her reporting, and her speed in breaking scoops hours before mainstream newspapers. When asked how she knew there was a coronavirus case at Ryde Hospital, Wang was equally swift in her reply.

“Oh that? That’s simple. My daughter’s high school friend’s boyfriend’s mum’s colleague’s mahjong partner is a nurse at that hospital.”

Speaking to The Rodent, Wang’s daughter Mary (21) was proud of her mother’s achievements, but wished she would tone it down a little.

“I get that she’s worried but a phone call update every hour is a bit ridiculous… Every time I check my phone there are like 100 notifications.”

“Honestly I haven’t seen her this preoccupied with something since I finished my HSC.”

Wang was unable to travel to New York and accept her award, having placed her whole family in lockdown based on an article she read on Wechat about how the Australian government is hiding the true extent of the virus. 

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