"Tell me, how did you make it?"

Art by Emma Cao

Niña, duerme. 

Niña, despierta. 

¡Un nuevo mundo te espera! 

My daughter, are you awake? 

Tell me, did you make it? 

Madre, duerme. 

Madre despierta.   

Mother, sleep. 

Mother, awaken.

You always told me: 

¡Mija sigue adelante! 

Daughter, grow where you are sown. 

In the sun’s shadow I wither inside my own.

Abuelita, duerme. 

Abuela, despierta. 

¿Cuál fue el mundo que viviste?

Grandmother, are you awake? 

Tell me, how did you make it? 

Which sun,

Which water mouth, 

What Mother love 

blessed your spring?

Granddaughter, Mija 

Yesterday, we laughed. 

Yesterday, we prayed. 

While our daughters laughed, 

we asked Pacha Mama —

Can this last forever?

Yesterday, we told the truth.  

We disowned the lies.

Defying destiny, we were.

Creating our own, we were. 

 Amiga, duerme.

Amiga, despierta.

My sister, are you awake? 

Tell me, do you remember me?

 Recuerda que aún sigo aquí.

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