USU Board candidates 2020: Ada Choi

Honi's profile and full interview with 2020 USU Board candidate Ada Choi.

Slogan: ‘Advance with Ada’

Colour: Coral pink.

Faction: Independent.

Quiz score: 0%.

Housewives tagline: “Don’t hate me because I’m unqualified. Hate me because I’m here to stay.”

Ada Choi is the only postgraduate student running for board and is the candidate with the least USU experience, having only been a student at USyd for less than a semester and on campus for only a few weeks. Choi told Honi that her knowledge of the USU comes from her positive experience at Welcome Week and from the limited information available on the USU website. She expressed hope that training would come from the USU if she were to be elected to the board. At least she’s optimistic.

Choi was unable to answer most of the questions Honi asked her concerning the workings and finances of the USU, and wasn’t aware that ACCESS membership was free. Perhaps this is why she chose to opt out of the USU quiz that Honi administered… It’s unlikely she would have gotten much higher than her absentee score anyway. 

Choi’s lack of familiarity with the University and the USU is detectable in her policy statement as well. Most of her policies are things which already exist or have already occurred, such as a makeover of the ACCESS app, a platform for a second-hand textbook exchange, and our personal favourite, “USU Membership Benefits and Discounts.” In her interview with Honi, she also spoke extensively about “Alumni ACCESS” which she proposed as a potential solution to the USU’s financial woes. It’s unclear why alumni would be interested in a very campus based membership program, especially at a time when students aren’t even on campus, and may not be for quite some time.

Aside from Choi’s policy of ordering food from USU outlets online in advance to avoid waiting in line, no policy points help her stand out from the other candidates. She assured us though that her lack of institutional knowledge is balanced out by her extensive experience in the workplace and on other university campuses, holding the vice presidency of a student club, a study abroad representative position, and being an international student mentor. She also said that being the only postgraduate student made her an important candidate to elect, to ensure that all students are represented by the board directors.

A link the full transcript of the interview can be found here.