Driving at dusk

Hours blur like the wipers on the windshield

There were no stars in the sky, but there was rain
Like shards of glass caught in two tunnels of light
The wind held the car like a coin it could flip 
Across lonely lanes of endless highway.

Time races and resists with bold indifference:
Thoughts linger, like breath caught by cold air
Songs you’ve never heard before fill eternities
Hours blur like the wipers on the windshield 

The trees are shrouded in darkness that echoes 
Like a dream brought to life where sense loses meaning 
And space is more metaphor than something between us 
We learn the madness of going forever in a straight line 

We promise Elton we won’t break his heart 
And tell our parents we’ll get to the church on time 
Silences between songs as warm as heated conversation  
And whatever we are is now infinite

It would have been so easy to break down or get lost,
That to keep going is enough.
Those nights where you can’t see past the high beams 
And the only reason you’re not scared is because you’re not alone.

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