KUMKUM கும்கும்

The poem of time

சஹானா இம்மானுவேல் மதுரே

You wanted it all;

Forced that sweet chakkarai out – broken. 

Wielding a sword is not power when it is to a peafowl. 

Is this the culture? 

Looking around it chokes her lungs.

So to escape she chose to run, to fly;

But voices echoed it was worst than living in that cage.

You were darkness;

Hiding behind an angel – a verse.

Behind a storm cloud of whiskey, rocks and culture;

Pitied you were.

She freed herself from that blade;

She chose life away from the custom kumkum stained 

forehead – does that haunt you?

As the years pass, your shadow hides in our soul;

Forgotten – a living ghost;

And as I look into the sorrow of mirrors past;

I wonder, if you see it too. 

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