My last year at Uni2Beyond

On access to education, pandemic learning, and his experiences as an audit student at USyd

Hi, my name is Harry Brown and I’ve been studying Film, TV and theatre for a few years and this is my last year at Uni 2 Beyond. I’ve had many lovely student mentors like Jack, Jade, Elizabeth, Aaron, Melanie, Riya, Nada and Valentina to name a few. It hasn’t been easy studying at home, having to wear a mask and social distancing, but all the amazing supporters at Uni 2 Beyond have made it easier.

Universities need to offer more access to courses and support for disabled people. Disabled people want to experience & enjoy uni life like everybody else. This helps disabled people expand their life experiences & meet new people.

I need educating like everybody else, it helps me to learn how to read, learning how to study, expanding my knowledge, to practice listening and concentrating. But most importantly I have met and made new friends. This has made my life bigger and much more interesting!

I want the same things as everybody else, I want to be independent, catching the bus by myself, learning how to tie my shoelaces, cooking meals, going shopping and reading anything, so I can make my own decisions.

With my disability I go out a lot, meeting lots of different people and attending loads of great events. I have a very good life! It’s been a great experience being part of uni 2 beyond because I have learned so much and made such great friends.

Uni 2 Beyond is an initiative by USyd’s Centre for Disability Studies that supports people with intellectual disabilities to attend lectures and tutorials as audit (non-enrolled) students. The program also facilitates social activities on campus, peer mentoring, and internship opportunities. Learning is informal and participants do not pay tuition fees to the university or receive credits for their subjects.

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