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Mamma Mia! Jill Biden to become first Italixn prima signora!

It's you say? Molto benne!

It's a-me! Jill!

In a-very how you say, excellento news for the Italianos of the
Americanos, signora Jill-a Biden has become the first-ah lady. Molto bene!
It was not always, as you say, looking like it should be the most benne outcome. Signore Trumpo was a-looking like he would be il presidento, after a molto forte showing on the election-e day. Mamma mia!

But, what do you know, signor Bidenno he won the day! And ah-now his molto bella signora, Mrs Jill-a Bidenno is the primo signora of all the land. Ay! Gabagool!
Finally after, comme se dice, centuries of oppression the Italianos have taken the most highest position in the land!

This is most molto good news! Signore Trumpo with his golfing-o and his racismo was not molto benne. He was molto bad! Almost as bad as signore Berlesconi with his Bunga Bunga parties! We can now say ciao to Trumpo and ciao to Bidenno!
His wife-ah though was bellisima! When she leaves she will be very missima!
So now we say congratulazioni to signora Bidenno! Mamma mia are we glad to have such a bellisima italianissimo lady to be our First Lady!

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