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2021 USU Board candidates announced

The election will take place in May and the race is looking tight.

The University of Sydney Union (USU) will conduct its annual Board election in May. At a press conference on April 15, the USU announced twelve candidates in the running: Pablo Avaria-Jimenez (Liberal), managed by himself; Sarea Bhar; Shan Shan Chen; Nicholas Comino (Moderate Liberal), managed by Ben Jorgensen; Yining Du, managed by Fenghao Hu; Joe Fidler; Telita Goile (Switch); Ruiqi Jia; Yiman Jiang; Isla Mowbray (Switch); Cole Scott-Curwood, managed by himself; Ziyan (David) Zhu managed by Zara Paleologos.

There are only 6 board seats up for grabs in this election, with Nick Forbutt, Benny Shen, Cady Brown, Nick Rigby, Irene Ma, and Eve Wang’s terms all expiring in May. With 12 candidates in total, only half of the field can secure a seat on the ever important USU Board.

National Labor Students (NLS) and Student Unity have not put forward a candidate, which is unheard of in recent years, and it is unclear if they will support ally nominees.

Editor’s note: This story was updated on 15 April to reflect that Ruby Keeler-Milne is no longer managing Pablo Avaria-Jimenez’s campaign, and that Telita Goile and Isla Mowbray are both Switch candidates.

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