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BREAKING NEWS: Student spends midsem break doing fuck all

The university community is in uproar

In a shocking announcement, undergraduate student Jenina Pastizi announced that she had not done a single thing of worth during her midsemester break. Despite a pre-break promise to both her friends and tutor, Ms. Pastizi could not bring herself to complete a single assignment or even a quiz.

“I thought about it a couple of times, but then I stopped thinking about it and started thinking about other things. Ya know?”

Sources close to Ms. Pastizi claim that she never had any intention to work during her midsemester break. A claim that she denies vehmently.
SRC President Swapnik Sanagavarapu condemned the lack of transparency surrounding Ms.Pastizi’s academic affairs.

“If a student makes a promise like that, I think it’s in the public interest that we know why she couldn’t follow through.”

Ms.Pastizi responded to these criticisms by saying she is “literally just vibing here – bestie vibes only pls Swap”.

Vibing or not, Jenina has lost all credibility with the student community. Will any of her promises be believed again?

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