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Jobs to go in $3.2m cut to UTS FASS

UTS FASS Dean Alan Davison said that FASS would “need to adjust its academic staff profile”.

Jobs will be lost with the UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) seeking to cut salary levels for 2022 by $3.2 million as a consequence of a “challenged” financial state and “decreased student demand” in FASS courses.

In an email to staff seen by Honi, FASS Dean Alan Davison said that FASS would “need to adjust its academic staff profile” and “stop some activities we are currently engaged in.” 

Furthermore, “some selected roles will need to be made redundant to meet the 2022 salary savings.”

A UTS spokesperson declined to comment, telling Honi that “it’s too early to give answers…prior to the University consulting with its staff.” 

UTS Education Officer Ellie Woodward told Honi they were “not surprised by these latest attacks on staff from a University management who have shown themselves to be…corporate, and concerned only with profits.”

Woodward further said that “the University had already cut almost 400 jobs, and now, dropping their previous thin veil of ‘blended learning,’ modernising’ and ‘restructuring,’ are brutally cutting jobs from FASS, a faculty which has already been a target of attacks thus far.”

“This is disgraceful and students will fight these attacks on staff and our education.”

The news comes days after Honi reported that jobs in USyd’s FASS were on the line as the University sought to drastically restructure the School of Languages, Art and Media, with the Departments of Studies in Religion and Theatre and Performance Studies facing the axe.