USU Board candidates 2021: Cole Scott-Curwood

Honi's profile and interview with 2021 USU Board candidate Cole Scott-Curwood.

Slogan: Cole for USU!

Colour: Blue

Quiz score: 66%

Faction: Engineers

Cole Scott-Curwood, the Prince of PNR, is running for USU Board. It is hard to argue with Cole’s self-assessment as “the most experienced” candidate. He is a present member of the SRC Executive, having founded the Engineers for SRC faction, is President of SUEUA, and has sat on the executive of ten clubs and societies. He was a defeated candidate in last year’s Senate election. How will he juggle all these commitments? He has “excellent time management.” 

Cole hits all the standard policy points, advocating for a more “student-centric” approach, while seeking to “improve campus nightlife, food at venues, and support for mental health.” He holds strong views on the new C&S funding model, expressing “concern” at the reduction of funding caps for large clubs (such as his own SUEUA), though recognising the previous model was not particularly “equitable” for societies which did hold events. He wants more transparency from the USU on the overall level of funding to C&S. On the issue of transparency, Cole would like to see the President file a regular report on their activities. As to the Presidency, Cole is coy as to who he would support, though praised Belinda Thomas for her work with the Manning Party.

Cole scored a striking 66% on our quiz, demonstrating decent enough institutional knowledge, which should be expected with his range of experience. His politics are something of a mystery, expressing generally progressive views and advocating for the USU to take political stances on issues which affect students. However, it is not ideology which is likely to get Cole elected onto the Board. He will be relying on the same support from Engineers which got him on to the SRC. Don’t expect to see much of him on Eastern Avenue. If you want to catch a glimpse of this Engineer electioneering, you’ll have to pop down to PNR.

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